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Hi, my name is Matt and I am the Dedicated Caregiver to my amazing wife. I'm doing everything I can to get my Family through this.

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Unfortunately I lost my job as I was unable to maintain everything that was thrown on me. We have been getting by with your donations. If you would like to make a donation please see option below.

To those who have donated, I cannot thank you enough as my family would not be where it is today without your generosity.


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Sunergetic Premium Supplements

In order to be the best Caregiver you can be it is very important to take care of your own health. My family depends on me to be healthy and strong so we can continue to live our lives to the fullest! Please check out full site below. If you see something you like use CAREGIVER15 at checkout.

Dedicated Caregiver T-Shirts

Dedicated Caregiver T-Shirts

This is a shirt I made on behalf of all the other strong amazing caregivers out there! Thank you so much for your support, I hope you wear this shirt proudly as I will do the same!

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Kanlaya and I would be SO appreciative if you could follow our Journey on YouTube as this is where we are trying to grow and get Monetized as this is a job that Kanlaya and I can both work on, travel, educate, and make an income at the same time. We are finally in a spot where we can start doing some family traveling and get out there in the world. Please follow us on our youtube channel as we show off our favorite destinations and also show how we go about getting around with our situation. Its not easy but do-able!

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Here you will find my amazon store that lists items that helped Kanlaya and I on our rehab journey

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    News 12 Feature

    News 12 did a feature on our story. They wanted to show how TikTok helped us out during the height of our issue.

  • Sunergetic Premium Supplements


    Please check out our Interview on the Brain and Life Podcast. It was great to be able to share our story more in depth.

  • Caregiver Life Article

    "I'm a Full-Time Caregiver for My Wife–Here's What Our Day-to-Day Life is really like' TikTok Influencer

    Matthew Cauli shares his caregiving journey.


Kanlayas Ksmile Shirts

One thing about Kanlaya that you will notice is that she is smiling all the time, we made these shirts to represent her strength and smile with these T-shirts

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