I lost my job at the begining of the year, I was just unable to keep up with my full time job/caregiving/chores/raising our son. We have been getting by with your donations so far.

We can't thank you enough for all the support and donations, they have been and continue to be a huge part of her success and recovery. We have been using it for Medical Bills, Rehab, Equipment, house improvements for her disability and getting by due to lack of income from loss of job!

If you would like to make a donation please see below and thank you!



I recently signed up for amazon influencer program where we can earn commission on recommending products that have worked for Kanlaya and I through this Journey.


Brain & Life Podcast

Please check out our Interview on the Brain and Life Podcast. It was great to be able to share our story more in depth.


'I'm a Full-Time Caregiver for My Wife—Here's What Our Day-to-Day Life Is Really Like'

TikTok influencer Matthew Cauli shares his caregiving journey.



Hi my name is Matt and thank you for visiting. I recently became a full time caregiver to my wife Kanlaya, and am raising our now 5 year old boy all during the COVID pandemic. I've been transparent in sharing my story in hopes of helping my family, as well as anyone else out there who needs some inspiration. It has been a very difficult time but I have stayed dedicated to try and do everything I can to keep my family together, get my wife back, and make sure my son has his mom with him!

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OUR STORY (2009)

I met my soulmate on January 19th 2009. She came over from Thailand on a Student Visa to further her education. I was a small town boy who was living in the big city. Our first date was in central Park in New York City. We both met on

We dated for for a little over a year. That's all it took for me to know she was the one. Her visa was expiring and she would be sent back home to Thailand, so I had to make a decision, and it was an easy one!


I proposed to her at the Bronx Botanical Gardens in the Rose section, it was her favorite flower and they were at the peek bloom. It was one of her favorite spots! We were married the following week on July 17th, 2010.


In early 2017, The greatest day in our lives, our son was born. We were so happy to be parents and so blessed. Life was perfect.


May 15th, 2020 is when our nightmare began. In the COVID Lockdown era, Kanlaya suffered a major stroke right in front of us. I quickly called 911 and she was rushed to the hospital. They were able to unclot the area that was clotted, but unfortunately two days later in the hospital she suffered another major stroke on the right side of her brain. She was paralyzed on the left side of her body.

We were shocked to find out this was all due to a rare form of Ovarian Cancer, Clear Cell Carcinoma, that we were not aware of. She had no family history of cancer so we were blindsided. We had no idea. She had to have a full hysterectomy to remove all of the cancer.


She needed to have a Craniotomy in order to safe her life which involved having to remove a large part of her skull. Her brain was swelling to the point where she almost passed away.


She had to through intense chemotherapy, all while doing rehab to try and get some movement back on her left side. After finishing her chemo she got a 3D Skull replacement implanted to replace the section they had removed. Kanlaya continues to fight to get some movement back. She has been doing amazing so far! She is still paralyzed on her left side but we are still hopeful


As you will notice, in all of the pictures above Kanlaya has always had a smile on her face! She is an inspiration to us all and teaches us to NEVER GIVE UP! Nothing is impossible! We love you Kanlaya, continue to fight and get better!


We have come so far and she has been doing amazing! Her walking has improved, cognitive ability seems to be improving. No movement in her arm yet but we are still hopeful!

As for myself, I'm doing my best. Things are getting better with time. I struggle daily with every emotion you can think of. Its very difficult to see my wife in this condition everyday. This is not how I thought things would go. I grieve for my old life all of the time but my main goal is to give my son as much of a normal of a life as possible and get my wife back to the best mom she can be!

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